How to Find Books from the Library Catalogue:

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system is used throughout to build up the call numbers of the books. The call numbers consist of two parts. The numbers in the first part represent the subject-indicator of the book. Also, an alphabetic combination viz. the last part,represents the author- and title-indicator of the book. An outline of the Dewey Decimal Classification is given below. The broad disciplines indicated by the starting digits of the first part of the call numbers along with the subjects covered under each discipline are summarized in Table 1. Also, the class numbers of some subjects are listed in Table 2 for the convenience of teachers and students, where the subject names are arranged in alphabetic order. A book is located on shelf by its call number [Class no. + Book no.]. After having a thorough look on Table 1 and 2 a user can promptly retrieve the book from the library shelves. Shelf guide is also there to facilitate the retrieval process.

Table 1 : The Broad Disciplines Indicated by the Starting Digits of the Call Numbers:

Starting digit of the call no. (0-9) Broad Disciplines indicated Subjects covered under each Discipline
0. Generalities General knowledge, General Encyclopedia, Yearbook, Almanac, Organization, Institutions, Publications, Computer science, Information science, Journalism
1. Cognitive sciences Philosophy, Psychology, Logic
2. Theological sciences Religion, Theology
3. Social sciences Sociology, Political science, Economics, Law, Public administration, Education, Trade, Welfare
4. Language sciences Linguistics, Phonetics, Lingual Dictionaries, Glossaries, Concordances etc.
5. Natural sciences Mathematics, Statistics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology
6. Applied & Behavioral sciences Medicine, Agriculture, Technology, Accountancy, Management
7. The Arts Recreation, Entertainment, Fine arts, Performing arts, Sports
8. Literature Indian and International
9. Land & People Geography, Biography, History


Table 2 : The Class Numbers of Some Subjects:

Subject Call no. Range Subject Call no. Range
Accountancy 657-657.9 General Science 500-509
Advertising 659 Genetics 576
Astrophysics 520-529 Hindi Drama 891.432
Auditing 657-657.9 Hindi Essays 891.434
Bengali Drama 891.442 Hindi Fiction 891.433
Bengali Essays 891.444 Hindi Literature 891.43
Bengali Fiction 891.443 Hindi Poetry 891.431
Bengali Literature 891.44 History 930-999
Bengali Poetry 891.441 Indian History, ancient 934
Biochemistry 572 Indian History, medieval and modern 954
Biography 920-929 International Relations 327
Chemistry 540-549 Journalism 070-079
Computer Science 002-007 Language and Linguistics 400-499
Costing 657-657.9 Law 340-349
Creative and Performing Arts 700-799 Macroeconomics 339
Ecology 577 Management 658
E-Business 380-382 Mass Communications 302
E-Commerce 380-382 Mathematics 510-519
Economics 330-339 Microbiology 579
Education 370-379 Microeconomics 338.5
Electronics 621-622 Music 780
English Drama 822 Philosophy 100-199
English Drama Collection 822.008 Photography 779
English Drama Criticism 822.009 Physics 530-539
English Essays 824 Political Science 320-329
English Fiction 823 Psychology 150-159
English Fiction Collection 823.008 Public Administration 350-353
English Fiction Criticism 823.009 Religion 200-299
English Literature 820-820.9 Social Work 361-362
English Poetry 821 Sociology 300-309, 361-365
English Poetry Collection 821.008 Sports 793-799
English Poetry Criticism 821.009 Statistics 519.5
Environmental Science 333-333.9 Tax 336-336.9
Film Studies 791-792 Theatre 792
Folklore 398 Trade 380-382
General Encyclopedia 030 Travel 910-919
General Knowledge 001-001.9 Yearbook, Directory 050
General Literature 800-809 Zoology 590