General Rules:

  1. Maintain silence in the Reading Room and other areas of the Central Library.
  2. Students from all disciplines must produce Library Card when entering the Central Library.
  3. DO NOT enter with your baggage in the Stack Room.
  4. After borrowing a book from the Lending Counter, students are advised to go to the reading room or leave the library.
  5. The books marked as “FOR READING ROOM ONLY” and periodicals (both journals and magazines) are meant for consultation in the READING ROOM ONLY and NOT TO BE TAKEN OUT.
  6. DO NOT make a chaotic crowd in front of any counter, but stand systematically in a queue.
  7. The book borrowed by the students should be returned on or before the stipulated date mentioned on the date-slip.
  8. For delay in returning a book a student has to pay a fine of Re.1/- (Rupee one only) per day per book.
  9. The late fines are to be deposited at the COLLEGE CASH COUNTER ONLY against the College Fees Book .After paying  the fine, the student has to submit his/her copy of the fine slip to the library office for updating the fine status.
  10. The photocopy section is for LIBRARY BOOKS ONLY. Class notes, books and papers from outside are NOT ALLOWED TO BE PHOTOCOPIED HERE.
  11. Do not scatter the pages of the newspapers while reading.
  12. Check the condition of the book at the time of borrowing. If any mutilation is found, report immediately to the concerned library staff. Otherwise the borrower will be responsible for the damage.
  13. Library members can know their reading and search history, can forward purchase suggestions, and also re-issue their issued documents with the help of the library staff.
  14. Central Library is a NO-MOBILE ZONE. Keep your mobile in switched-off mode.
  15. DO NOT misplace books while selecting from the shelves. After consulting books DO NOT shuffle, but keep in PROPER PLACE.
  16. You can use CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and/or Pen drive in the library computers, but ensure that the same is free from viruses. Always scan your storage devices by Quick heal.
  17. Laptops and Palmtops are allowed in the library, but CHARGING of the same is NOT ALLOWED. Bring your devices fully-charged.
  18. Scan the library notice boards regularly (Both inside and outside the library).
  19. The library card is NOT TRANSFERABLE.